Practitioner Bio

Practitioner Bio

Anne’s Commitment to Your Health


Anne Dazet,  Acupuncture Physician

While working as a Respiratory Therapist (ten years) in the I.C.U of Florida Hospital downtown Orlando, Anne was able to witness the benefits of Acupuncture first hand after her daughter experienced a tragic automobile accident.  It was that remarkable recovery that induced Anne to enroll in Acupuncture School. Graduating in 1999 from the School of Complimentary Medicine in Oviedo, Florida Anne moved to Winter Haven, Florida opening a small office with two treatment rooms. Since 1999 Anne’s clinic has evolved into a two story facility in Winter Haven with six treatment rooms and a staff of eight! Anne personally administers more than seven thousand treatments annually!

Anne is forever in pursuit of a new treatment protocol to better assist her patients. Occasionally traveling over 2,500 miles to study with contemporary masters Kiiko Matsumoto, L.Ac.,Devi Nambudripad, Ph.D., M.D., D.C., L.Ac.NAET, Giovanni Maciocia, OM, Bo Shih Ni CA,  Dr. Richard Tan, Hai Sha Ni DOM, Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, Dipl.Ac., Misha Ruth Cohen, OMD, L.Ac., Miki Shima, O.M.D., Jeffrey C. Yuen, Carolyn Jaffe D.Ac. Dipl NCAA,  and Marilyn Allen among others.

Anne has traveled to the Yucatan jungle to collaborate with MAYAN healers on herbal remedies and was recently invited and attended a nutritional conference in Europe. At the bequest of patients who would travel from the Sun City-Ruskin area to receive treatments Anne decided to open a satellite clinic to serve the people of Sun City Center, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Kings Point and Wimauma. You may preview our Sun City Center facility at